Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sitting and waiting and thinking...

Dear AJ,
Daddy and I have been snuggled up together tonight looking at your pictures and searching you out in every possible way for maybe that one picture of you that's out there that we don't have. We did find you in a YouTube video tonight, they weren't new pictures, but they were YOU- the one and only YOU. We saw videos of other families who have adopted kiddos like you- first meetings, first hugs, first pictures, first time to hear a voice. And then of course the beloved GOTCHA DAY - a day that Daddy, Anthony, and me are really having a hard time waiting for. If it was our choice, GOTCHA DAY would have been on August 16, 2005. But this is God's perfect will and timing, so we will rejoice in that.
We've had more good news since the last time we wrote to you. Our first homestudy meeting is scheduled in Des Moines for Wed. July 27 at 4pm. We will meet with our licensing worker, Carla at the library. We'll take you there sometime, if only to show you another place that got us closer to having you in our arms. Daddy and I spent all evening last night filling out more paperwork for that first homestudy meeting and I ran reference forms out to the remainder of those closest to us to fill out. It feels so slow. We feel like if we aren't filling out a document, we are wasting precious time. Then we remember, God has this. It's His precious time. THAT can be so hard. We will wait and do it right and in God's time, we will be with you- and it will be forever and ever and ever.
The other super exciting thing tonight was this: a very dear friend called to tell us that God had really laid our family (especially you) upon his heart. He wondered what it was that he could do...what was the Lord telling him?? He said the Lord told him to go RUN 31 MILES to raise money for you, Sweetheart! We explained that we were fully funded but any money that was coming our way now was still going into a savings account for you to help pay for doctor/dentist visits/co pays, clothes, shoes, your new bedroom, and whatever else we will need once you are home. So, our dear friend just wanted to make sure that he heard what the Lord had told him...off to San Francisco to run a 50K race- all for you, all for us, and most importantly all for the glory of our Savior, Jesus. Wow. Daddy and I were speechless and crying. I could barely get any words out, but thank you and we love you.
I will write more soon my Love. Daddy and I have to go to work in the morning and should try to get some sleep. It's 9:40pm here and 5:40am where you are right now. I pray that you've had a restful night. Do you still have time to have one more sweet dream? If you do, dream of us. Mommy, Daddy, your Big Brother, your little dog licking your precious face while we yell at him to "Get Down!" And all the while your gigantic fat lazy cat takes a clawless swipe at his face as if to say, "Yeah! What they said." We love you to the moon and back and will see you soon.
Mommy, Daddy, Anthony, Monster, and Two-ee.
 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hVWUBD7utko (Hold Fast! Our precious little one! Help is on the way! Hold Fast! He's come to SAVE the day....)

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  1. Heyy! I'm an (ex-)advocate for little Anthony! I was so excited to find out his family found him! I read your bio on rr and almost cried it was so sweet! Now I advocate for Noel, a girl in a's orphanage! Perhaps you'll meet her when u go meet your new son!
    <3 In His Name
    ~spud :)
    O, btw, I'm a teenager!