Saturday, July 23, 2011

Running, Sweating, Pictures, The FBI, Medals, Snow pants, and YOU! :)

Our Dearest AJ,
How was your day Sweetheart? Did you smile and get the giggles today? I hope something made you belly roll laugh!
We thought of you a lot today. This morning was the 2nd Annual Race for River Hills 5K. What's a River Hills you're thinking? It's your big brother's school. It's an awesome place. Anthony loves it there and so do we. As we were running the course this morning, I couldn't help but watch Daddy gliding along effortlessly and think- "HA! 2nd to last race with you not pushing anyone!! Take that!" - (while I was slogging it out with your brother. :) He is excited to get you home and find the perfect running chair for you- if you want to run that is. We know your big brother really really loves it. We hope that you will too. We beat our time this year by around 3 minutes from last year, but were still over 5 minutes slower than our, it was hot? :) Doesn't matter. Your brother still won a medal for placing 3rd in his age group and that is all that counts. You'll win medals too Buddy- we know you will. Wonder what the first one of the many will be??
In other news- we got our DCI background checks back, so that's one less thing. Yes, we passed. Did you think we wouldn't? As soon as our home study is done we'll get our I600a form and get our FBI clearances. We'll get fingerprinted again in Des Moines and write a big check to Homeland Security. Just another step to get us to you! So far so smooth. :)
We did find out that in our state, Iowa- we can order apostilles by phone- which is awesome! I called the Secretary of State's office in Oregon where Daddy and I got married to check if they would perhaps do the same. Well, that was a big fat NO. So, we'll be overnighting our marriage licenses to them with a prepaid FEDEX overnight envelope and pray they don't get lost on someones desk!
We did get an email from our dear friend and stateside helper Brigitte that she knew of a family who had just brought a child home from your orphanage! The mom said that she looked for you, but never saw you. She wondered if you were living in another building and didn't get to come outside very often because you couldn't come out on your own little legs. My heart is so broken for you, AJ. Do you have any idea of what it feels like to have the sun shining on your face? Have you ever seen snow and gotten a chance to at least put your hands in it, let alone put on snow pants and make snow angels? Do you know what sledding is? Do you know what it's like to sit outside on a summer evening and listen to the cicadas sing their summer songs? Do you know what it's like to feel warm sand between your toes? Our gut tells us, you know of none of these simple treasures of life. That's all gonna change very shortly. We have so much to show you and tell you and teach you, Love! Our hearts ache while we wait. But we are anxious to hear about where you live and see pictures of it all. It makes us feel closer to you, even though you still don't know we are here.
Grammie and Grampa Carroll so can't wait for your arrival as well. They said we will wait to celebrate Christmas and Jesus' birthday if we have not returned home with you yet. It doesn't matter how long it takes, everything stays up until their newest grandson comes home! We will do the same. We are sure Jesus will be cool with a belated birthday party!
It's 9:20pm here Darling. That means it's 5:20am where you are. We love you and will talk soon. Have more sweet dreams- you've got time.
To the moon and back!
Mommy, Daddy, Anthony, Monster, and Two.
Heavenly Father, we come and humbly sit at your feet right now. Our hearts are lonely and broken for what is Yours. We lift up our little one to You right now that You would lay Your hand of favor on him and do what You do best- love on Your babies. Love him up for us, Papa. Our only connection to him is through You. We pray that this whole process continue smoothly and without delay. We pray for no mistakes in our paperwork and everything would get into the right hands at the precise right time. We love You. We trust You. And we Thank YOU for bringing this little Love into our lives. In Jesus name, AMEN!

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  1. We continue to pray for you all. It sounds like you know everything I found out in my time advocating for Anthony/AJ, but would you like me to send an email with what I know?


    (my email is swindley at smumn dot edu)