Sunday, July 17, 2011

Just a bit of news today...

To our sweet AJ,
Hi Baby Love! How was your day today? Was it a hot and sunny summer day for you? It's VERY hot and sticky here. It's the kind of day to just stay inside and keep cool.
We don't have a lot to tell you, nothing really too exciting is happening here. We still just think about you and talk to your pictures constantly. We wonder what you are doing at different times during the day.
We did receive some happy news today. We were told of the region that you are living in and that you have NOT been transferred to the icky place. Daddy and I said lots of prayers tonight asking that Jesus would continue to keep you safe and that those making the decisions would have their hearts open to His will, which we still feel is to keep you in your baby house until we can come and get you. We also prayed that Jesus would keep this whole process running smoothly and easy and that the enemy would have ZERO power here- that he would be made to sit and be still in Jesus' name.
I found out over the weekend that a very dear friend of mine is fluent in Russian and she will tutor me and I can then tutor Daddy. Her name is Erin and she can't wait to meet and love on you too! We spent the weekend together and she was quizzing of right now, my Russian isn't gonna get me too far. :)
We are hoping to get our first meeting scheduled with our licensing worker in the next week or so for the homestudy. We really wanted to get it scheduled and done this week, but don't think that's going to work out. I'll let you know when we get that scheduled, don't you worry Love Bug- it will get done soon!
It's 9:10pm here right now, so it's 5:10am where you are. I hope you are sleeping and that your little body knows nothing but peace and comfort. I hope you get to sleep for a few more hours too....really wish I knew what your schedule was like.
We so love you and will see you soon. I know I will see you tonight in my dreams. Hugs and loves and snuggles and kisses! We love you to the moon and back!
Mommy, Daddy, Anthony, Monster, and Two.

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  1. praying w/ you for precious aj to be in your home soon!! love, sarah (cowger) klontz