Monday, July 4, 2011

July 4, 2011

To our Little Darling,
Happy 4th of July to you, Sweet Little One!
We think of you all day long and speak of you nonstop. We wonder what your hair smells like. We wonder what your voice sounds like. We wonder what your little hands will feel like wrapped around our fingers. We wonder what you like to eat. We wonder how you like to sleep. We wonder if you do sleep!? (Your big brother has his moments of not wanting to.) Do you like to take a bath? Do you like having your head rubbed when you're tired? Do you like to be sung to? Do you get to feel warm sunlight on your precious face and if you do, do you close your eyes and soak it in? Do your teeth chatter when you're cold? Will like your new pets, Monster and Two? Will you like being a little brother? Will you like going running with us? Will you like to go swimming and let your little muscles be free? Will you get mad at us when we are doing therapy with you...uh- who are we kiddin' of course you will. :) Do you like to be tickled and if you do, where are your tickle spots? How will you want your bedroom to look? Will you let us snuggle you up late at night and drift off to sleep in our arms? Do you like to be read to? Do you like music? Will you fall asleep in the car like Mommy or will you stay wide awake like Daddy? Will you talk yourself to sleep everynight so we can soak in your sweet voice? Will you smile when you see us? What secret conversations are you going to have with your big brother and what secret plans are you two going to concoct? Will you like it when Monster wants to lick your toes and lie in your lap every morning before school? Will you fall in love with us the way we have fallen in love with you?
You don't know yet that you have a Mommy, Daddy, and Big Brother waiting for you. You don't know yet that we are so very much in love with you. You haven't seen us, but we've seen you. We look at your picture and talk to you everyday. We dream about what life will be like when you're finally home, where you belong. We dream about showing  you everything. We dream about loving you and calling you ours forever and ever. We pray that Jesus would protect you and tell you about us. We pray that He would wrap  you up in His arms and whisper, Mommy and Daddy are coming to take over soon! We pray that Jesus would bring your sweet little body peace and comfort. We so love you Anthony. You are already apart of our family. You are already apart of our hearts.
It's 4:30am right now where you are. Sweet dreams Little One. We will see you soon.
Loving and missing  you!
Mommy, Daddy, Anthony, Monster, and Two

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