All About Anthony

We are so excited to make Anthony the proud and awesome big brother that he is clearly meant to be.
Anthony does have Cerebral Palsy and was diagnosed with a  seizure disorder when he was only 6 months old. This doesn't seem to stop him from being known as such a happy kiddo always willing to flirt shamelessly with pretty young gals!  Anthony loves to go running with us. He is quite the little athlete and such an inspiring coach for us. He has always beat me (Mommy) across the finish line and I jokingly tell him I'm going to pull him across a finish line backwards one of these days just so I can beat him one time! ;)
Anthony also loves music, church activities- especially worship, swimming, playing with his dog, and snuggling while being read to. He enjoys riding in the car and just being outside too!
Anthony is such a blessing to us- a most good and perfect gift to our family. We thank God everyday for giving him to us. He's gonna be the best big brother any little boy could ask for!