Wednesday, July 6, 2011

From the top of our lungs....

Our dear sweetheart, AJ-
We can "officially" shout it to the whole world from the top of our lungs that you are ours. You made your debut on the New Commitments page of Reece's Rainbow today. I cried big tears of joy seeing you there. I could barely call Daddy and get the words out so he could understand me. We knew you were going to be ours- we knew God had already told us that. But how it made my heart leap when I received word that your sweet face had been moved to a page that shouted to the whole world- "THERE HE IS, HE'S GONNA BE A PUTZ!!"...I know... you'll get used to it- I did :)....Yes, you are going to be graced with a strong German last name that no one will ever pronounce correctly as long as you live. It's all good though Sweet of my Heart. It's all good.
I'm getting ready for your first fundraiser to help bring you home. It's on Saturday (July 9, 2011). It's a big huge garage sale. So many people from our community have donated their things to our family to help bring you home. We are so incredibly blessed. Your bedroom is full and I can't see the floor. Daddy's garage is full. We look as though we should be on the show, "Hoarders." (I don't like that show very much, it makes me anxious.) But it's all for you and to get you here to us, where you belong. And we will do whatever it takes to get you home to us, my Love.
It's 1130pm where you are right now. I hope you are already asleep and dreaming of sweet things. So in my best Russian... мы тебя любим
мама и папа   

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