Friday, July 29, 2011

A Most Blessed Day!!

Dear AJ,
What a great day today is, Sweetheart! We've been praying for and thinking of you nonstop the last several days. Really it's no different than any other day since we found you, but the last few days our hearts have been heavy. We received an email that it was very likely you actually had been transferred already out of your baby house to the institution. We were devastated at the thought. We prayed and prayed and prayed. We had our friends praying for you too. Waiting for the confirmation seemed to take forever. But today, it came. You are still at your baby house and they are waiting for us to come and get you! The sentence "They are waiting for you" is now a group of words that we will always be in love with. I don't often hear your Grampa Carroll he did. He was sobbing and giving praises to the Lord. He was so relieved that his little grandson, whom he is so madly in love with would not be transferred. Thank You Jesus for making this happen.
Speaking of Grammie and Grampa Carroll- they couldn't be more excited to get you in their arms! They are already picking out new furniture for your arrival! They said, "We are looking at new sofas, you know the kind with a recliner on each end. We have to have a cuddle place for both our babies to snuggle and watch movies with us when they come!" They beam when they talk about you and your brother. They can't wait to have you both stay the night! Oh, the plans they have for both of my precious boys!
We had our first homestudy meeting and it was good! Our second one is scheduled on August 9, here at your home. Daddy's passport is here now- it just came this morning. We've ordered the apostilles for our CSPs and POAs so we can mail those to the team where you are. We continue to work on collecting our paperwork for our dossier, we're getting there Sweet Boy! Now we need to pray that once our homestudy is completed, things with USCIS will MOVE QUICKLY!! Our trust remains in the Lord, that He will get us to you in the perfect time.
This weekend, Daddy and I are moving the toddler bed that has been in your bedroom out. We are going to give it to a dear family that is close to our hearts! We have to make room for your bed now. We are going to wait to decorate your room, though. We want you to show us what you want and what you like. We are excited to find out what you like and what your favorite colors are!
We also were just made aware of the person who gave so generously to your adoption grant. She and her son gave the money needed to make your grant what it was the day we found you. What a blessing to our family, AJ. She doesn't know us or you. But what giving, unselfish, love she has shown our family- and she didn't even know it. We found out that she is sick and has been off and on for 3 years. Daddy and I pray for her and have asked all those we know who are prayer warriors to continue to pray for her healing and for God's hand of favor to be on her. Maybe someday, we will get the opportunity to meet her and thank her in person. We pray that would happen.
It's 11:40am here right now. That makes it 7:40pm where you are. Have you eaten your supper already? Are you getting ready for bed? Sending all our love to you. See you soon.
To the moon and back-
Mommy, Daddy, Anthony, Monster, and Two

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  1. Leann, this is GREAT news that AJ will for sure be kept where he is! I have been planning to respond to your email more, but it has been a crazy week...I'll be in touch soon! peace today!