Monday, August 29, 2011

And the REAL wait begins today...

Our dearest AJ,
Hi Sweet Boy. I can already feel the tears welling up in my eyes as I write to you today. Daddy has overnighted via FedEx our documents to USCIS for immigration approval. All the paper chasing before today has been through our hands. This isn't in our hands anymore. We are at the mercy and compassion of someone, somewhere, who doesn't know us or you. We know who is really in charge though, but sometimes that control is so hard to let go of.
I got to the point last night that I couldn't look at the file that was leaving my hands this morning anymore. I couldn't read one more instruction or second guess myself as to whether or not I may have misread or misunderstood something. Tomorrow morning that file will be in Texas. After that it will go to Missouri. We'll wait in prayer for the text message and email to tell us someone has it. Then we'll wait some more....
We'll wait for our fingerprinting appointment for the FBI in Des Moines. We'll wait on the doorstep of the building in hopes of walking in to be fingerprinted before our appointment date. We'll wait as long as they say we have to. We'll wait for our approval. We'll wait to return to Des Moines one last time, I171H in hand with our entire dossier ready for apostille. We'll wait to hand over all the papers, piles and piles of papers we've been collecting for you. We'll wait for word that it has all arrived to the right places and right hands. We'll wait to hear from SDA in Eastern Europe to tell us we can come to you. We'll wait for that travel date. We'll wait to have our referral in hand. We'll wait for the blessed day we can walk into your baby house and meet you. We'll wait to hold you and kiss you. We'll wait to give you Paddington. He waits on your bed for you. We'll wait to read you "Are You My Mother?"  We'll wait to see your beautiful face. We'll wait for a day in court when we get the chance to ask a judge to please let us be your parents. We'll wait for your Gotchya Day. We'll wait for your visa and passport. We'll wait to bring you home to your new life, family, and friends. The real waiting, I think- has just started.
In the mean time, while we are waiting- we will rejoice in the One who blessed us with you and our faith rests only in Him and in His name.
I will keep working on your room. It is still waiting for you.

It's 10:37pm where you are right now. I hope you're asleep and dreaming of good things. We love you Buddy.
To the moon and back,
Mommy, Daddy, and Big Brother A

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  1. This is great news--one more (big) thing done!

    We hope to have news of our own in the next two weeks.... :)