Sunday, August 21, 2011

Getting Closer- Can you dig it?!

Hey Hey Little Buddy! Mommy here!
Just finished up our FINAL homestudy visit with our social worker who's helping us bring you home Dude! Daddy is pretty relieved because he says that I will finally let him "use the bathroom,shower, change clothes, eat something, drink something, and sit anywhere I want..." :) Which of course is a complete and total....truth.
We did spend about 7 hours cleaning yesterday! Whew....glad that's over and we can resume "life" in a home that looks lived in.
Daddy surprised me the other day by picking up your dresser for your bedroom. Sure wish we knew what size you are so we could start filling it with clothes for the winter and next summer! Your bed should be here in another couple it's coming along nicely. We are just missing a certain little boy to sleep in it.
Your brother started school a few days ago (8/18) and is loving it. Already had a school dance and he's found himself a little gal friend. Hmmm....something tells me you aren't going to have any problems with that either. I'm thinking you are going to be just as much of a Cassanova as your brother is- he will show you how if you aren't sure. I don't know, something about big brown eyes and lots of eyelashes seems to work for him. Hey! You have big brown eyes and lots of eyelashes... oh boy- here we go! ;D
Well, what's left to get you home? Our social worker told us she will send a copy of our homestudy to proof read tomorrow or Tuesday at the latest. Yep, that quick! YAY! Once we have a final copy- we can send our paperwork to USCIS for approval. We're almost there Little Man, almost there!
It's a beautiful sunny summer day here that Jesus gave to us to enjoy. We are going to head out and go for a walk with your brother and your dog. Wish you were here. It's 2:37pm here, so that is 10:37pm where you are. Are you asleep? Have sweet dreams, Love Bug.
To the moon and back-
Mommy, Daddy, Big Brother A, Monster, and Fatty Fatty 2x4

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  1. Congrats on the home study being done! Whew, what a relief that must be!