Tuesday, September 27, 2011

We've Got A Golden Ticket!!

AJ!!!! WAKE UP SWEETHEART!!! I know, Honey- I know it's 2:04AM where you are, but I really need you to wake up for me ok. I have something important to tell you!
The last piece of the puzzle- that we knew was coming, but didn't know what day- IS HERE! Our immigration approval came in the mail tonight!
So, here's the plan Little Man- tomorrow morning- we are gonna get your big brother off to school and head immediately for Des Moines, apostille everything and ship that dossier off to your country!!
We are thinking we will be there to see you in November, Sweet Love!!
AJ, listen to Mommy- You will NEVER EVER spend another Christmas in an orphanage. You will NEVER EVER spend another birthday in an orphanage. You will NEVER EVER spend another Flag Day in an orphanage for crying out loud! Not one more Honey. None. We're coming for you. You will be sleeping in your own bed with your toys, in your very own room. You will know what it is to play everyday! You will know what sunlight feels like on that beautiful little face. You will know what hugs and kisses are. You will know who your parents are and that you have a big protective brother who loves you so much!
We love you Monkey! Go back to sleep and have good dreams. We'll talk really soon.
To the moon and back-
Mommy, Daddy, and Big Brother A


  1. What a cute and happy page! November is almost here, YAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!