Monday, January 2, 2012

Day 15 (January 1, 2012)

Dear AJ,
Happy New Year Sweet Little Love! You are the best part of our day and today it's been one week since we met. And what a great week it's been.

We so look forward, with eager anticipation, for the morning to come so that we can make our way to you! You are doing very well and seem to be feeling better. You're not coughing as much, if hardly at all, and when you do it doesn't make you cry out in pain anymore. You're still congested and your nose is runny, but I believe you're feeling better. Daddy and I were able to get some smiles and laughs from you today.

We're are pretty sure that when the nannies bring you to us each morning, it is the first time you're up and out of your crib since the day before. Everyone always feels yucky in the morning time when sick, you're clearly no exception there. It takes a bit of time for you to get the gunky junk out of your nose, throat, and chest and you're tearful during that time. Afterwards, you seem pretty relieved and start warming up to us rather quickly.

Here is how you were brought to us today:

Daddy was not too keen on your knitted hat. I, on the other hand, thought you made it look good. You were also wearing your standard issued attire- 3 shirts, one heavy sweater, tights, socks, slippers, and head covering. You were pulling at your cap today so Daddy took it off and I had removed your slippers while I was stretching and doing some range with your legs. Note to self: Self, DO NOT and I repeat, DO NOT FORGET to put cap and slippers back on before one of the nannies comes back in to retrieve AJ for lunch, lest you get scolded by a hefty little Baboushka in Russian. Whoopsies. My bad. My bad.

We were able to get a few more pictures of you today. We didn't the last couple of days since you were really feeling miserable, the last thing we wanted to do was shove a camera in your face. You really showed off on how big and strong you are! During tummy time, you had no problems raising yourself all the way up on your arms over and over again. You are such a big, strong, handsome, strapping, little boy!

Here are a few videos we were able to take of you on this Happiest of New Years! (If only your big brother were with us. We miss you Anthony!!)

And before I forget- here are a few pics of the orphanage:

Have a wonderful New Year's Day, Little One! We'll see you tomorrow.

To the moon and back,
Mommy and Daddy

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