Thursday, December 1, 2011

What do you do when Jesus says, "Spend Christmas in Eastern Europe"- YOU GO!

Our Dearest Little One,
I'm so excited to tell you that we are officially on our way to you! We received our appointment with the Department of Adoption in your country. It came to us on Wednesday November 30, 2011 in the form of the most precious 5:55am phone call I've ever received in my life. (Thanks Brigitte!)
Sweetie, do you know what this means?  It means:

We will finally see your sweet little face.
We will finally hear your sweet little voice.
We will hold your little hands in ours.
We will see your smile.
We will hold you very close.
We will know what your blonde hair feels like against our cheeks.
Our noses will nuzzle up to yours and we will know what it means to breathe you in.
We will look into your big brown eyes and you will know we are your Mama and Papa.
You will know what "family" means.
You will never be without your parents again.
You will never ever be abandoned again.

Our heads are reeling with thoughts of seeing you, hugging you, touching you- to finally know that you are indeed real, and to finally know that you are indeed ours forever.

The tickets have been purchased and arrangements have been made (Thank you Mom and Dad Carroll, Heather, Cady, Brooke, Chris, Nicki, and Emma!)
We will be on our way to you very very soon my sweet Love.

It's 2:53am where you are right now. Keep dreaming of us and we will do the same.
To the moon and back-
Mommy, Daddy, Big Brother A

As we take the time to reflect on the last several months leading up to this time, we must say thank you. A very special mother and son from the Boston area gave generously to our son's adoption grant.  Because of the gift you chose to give to our son, he has been rescued from a shortened life made up of endless hours, days, and weeks lying in bed. Our son has been saved from the confines of  bleak walls and windowless rooms of an adult mental institution. He has been saved from a place that was never meant to be the home of a 6 year old little boy with cerebral palsy. This was what our baby boy faced and because the Lord placed our son on your hearts- he is rescued. Through the two of you, the Lord made provision and His great plan is unfolding before our eyes and our hearts. Thank you for loving on our baby. Thank you for listening to the voice of Jesus and being obedient to His direction. Be Blessed our friends. We love you.
Chris and Leann

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  1. I saw sweet Anthony on Reece's Rainbow and so hoped he would get a family. I was delighted when he appeared on the my family found me page! I just found your blog and look forward to following along as you bring him home! Thanks for loving him!